My life isn't perfect, far from it. As we all in a timeless journey in life pity races, i find no reason to run, nor sprint rather i try to stroll through with a silver laughter in my heart and my hands reaching out to every beautiful flower that blooms. So I'm out there, somewhere, having a time of my life, or maybe reading a crappy book but rest assure that ill be smiling in some way, and YOU should too.


I love this movie. At first i only watched it because of natalie portman. she is hotness, love her look at the art gallery. And found out that this movie is so awesome. Short yet dirty. The scene where Clive owne and natalie in the private room just shows the raw battle of men and woman. And the unforgettable line " have you seen the human heart? it looks like a fist wrapped in blood! " haha. awesome. the way i saw it anyway.

La vie en rose. Watch the first half with " le sparkles " and watch it again two nights ago. Acted by the " mel " from Inception. She played Edith Piaf so elegantly. She have the face, and the spirit in her. Mesmerise by her voice of pure slunder. The language and dirty streets. haha. how can i not fall in love with Paris?

.happy days.

.Open mic.

So heres the deal, im doing a show that night. contemporary dancing.. haha. just kidding. i cant dance to save my own nuts. im doing my own stand up gig. so do come and fake some laugh so that my feelings wont get offended. theres going to be alot of other awesome performances by other bands to tickle your music fancy. be there or be some other type of geometrical shapes!

.happy days.

.Super Sparkles.

" Kitchen " - by Banana

I receive this book from a very loving friend of mine as a birthday present. She owns one, and would not lend it to me for reason that actually makes sense, i cant remember the books i lend to people and they didn't return them to me. I am NOT a public library.

For me this book is about death, memories and the human heart. How the whole world can be turned over by death and how the human heart precieve and recovers from it. I am not going to spoil the whole story for you but its just one of those book that will take your breath away on how they precieve a single moment and the discription of that moment is amazing. i'll wrap this up with the quote that got throught me like an spear.

"Truly happy memories always live on, shining. Over time, one by one, they come back to life."
— Banana Yoshimoto

.happy days.